Our Team

Board of Directors:
Jerome Tanner, President
Ewart Morse, Vice-President
Peter Wagner, Secretary
Harry Beach, Treasurer
Frank Zwicker, Past President
Brian Carver
Debra Featherby
Eric Hustvedt
Diane Lutley
Dawn Zwicker

Additional Volunteers
J. Hermiston (Communications Support)
Phyllis Price (Facebook)
David Sawler (Driving)

Ray Quesnel

Operations Manager:
Daron Lantz
(pictured below)

Drivers Iris Charlton, Jermaine Colley, Colin Cooper, Eric Hustvedt, Diane Lutley, Philip Mailman, Ewart Morse, Al Snyder, Jerome Tanner, Jeanne Thompson, Peter Wagner, John Whalley, Frank Zwicker.


Lunenburg County Wheels is overseen by a dedicated board of volunteers who are passionate about helping their community.

In addition to the board, volunteers are welcome to participate on standing committees for Administration, Fundraising, History, Communications and Vehicle Maintenance.

Looking to be involved in a great cause? Whether you have a little or a lot of time to give, Lunenburg County Wheels would love to have you on our volunteer team!