Meet the Dispatcher: Ray Quesnel

Meet Ray Quesnel, the dispatcher/admin for LC Wheels. He’s the friendly voice who takes your calls, schedules your rides and informs the drivers of their schedules and routes. Ray has years of work experience in police and fire fighting.  For Ray, an important part of enjoying work is service to community. Ray is definitely in a suitable position! 

Ray says, “The best part of the job is when people call and they need something booked and you’re able to make it happen for them. And they’re extremely grateful.  That really has a good feeling to it.”

The greatest challenge in the job is “trying to accommodate people” because of the changes to the service. With adult riders (not just seniors), service area expansion, ads on radio and more publicity, Ray says, “There’s more demand. Not enough vehicles, not enough drivers. I have to coordinate a mixture of part-time drivers, some volunteers, some only able to work at certain times.” And Ray had to quickly brush up on his Excel skills, since that is the software program used to book all rides! (profile continues below the pic)

When he first came on staff, Ray was invited to meet some of the riders and experience the door-to-door service first hand. “I got to drive the bus on one occasion and do some ride-alongs… and I got to see the people that we’re serving.  A lot of people really depend on us when they go get their groceries or go to their medical appointments. 

“I enjoy what I’m doing. I work with very caring drivers that care for the clients. It’s really nice to see.” 

We’re so glad Ray is on staff. Thanks, Ray!!

Ray adds, “The organization is growing, it’s exciting – new and better vehicles coming! LC Wheels is going to do great things. I came in at the right time to be able to help in the transition to in-house dispatching as the organization is growing with more vehicles, more drivers, more clients.”

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